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Pinnacle Career Academy was set and founded by Squadron Leader Prashant Rekhi (Retd) in the year 2005 with a view to cater the needs of ambitious students coming from urban and semi-urbanized cities. Our Institute has guided a large number of students to achieve ground breaking success in exams like MPSC, CDS, NDA and various Banking exams for Clerical and Po posts.

Our Academy also prides in achieving sucess for cultivating dare in its students to speak boldly in fluent and correct English. We not only imparts training to gain language proficiency skills but also in soft skill developments, for this we hav researched, developed and designed the different courses for different levels, perhaps Pinnacle Academy is the only of its kind in Ahmednagar District which has developed its own language lab to help students to command vacabulary, phonetics and fluency Development in English. We strongly believe that, our students should hav a good blend of academic rigor and practical utility. That's why we encourage our students to get involved iin several practical activities so that all round personality development takes place.

To add more, a large number of our students got through various Exams of international repute i.e. TOEFL, IELTS & GRE etc. with fiying Colours and found way to migrate and immigratte to UK,US and Australia.


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Address: 4129, Gruhlaxmi, Puntambekar Lane, Ahmednagar
Phone: 0241-2342933
Email: pinnacleacademy2005@


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