Advanced English & Personality Development
The above mentioned course has been designed by our academy to develop requisite English Communication skills among the students who have studied English as second language up to graduation. The duration of this course can be scheduled for 50 working hours and can be adjusted further to meet specialized requirement of students.

  • Introductory lecture to create awareness about English communication skills among students.
  • Understanding and learning basic English structural and syntax (4 hrs.)
  • Practicing Rhythm drill techniques which ensures that every student make use of correct sentence pattern sub consciously without undue staining his mind (2 hrs.)
  • Helping students to form variety of sentences to suit their requirements (3hrs)
Conversational Practice
  • Involving every student into conversational practice under guidance of the trainer. The trainer interacts with every student and extends his active support. All students get confidence when they actively participate in a group. We have selected more than 200 topics which are considered very important not only in everyday situations but also in corporate world
  • Screening of video films in classroom students watch films on various day to day situations where they understand how native Englishmen actually communicate. It improves their style of expression and they get aware about practical phonetics used by native English Speaker.
  • Writing Skill improvement – students will be practicing writing skills that will help them to write various applications & their views on various subjects.
  • Lecture on correct spelling made easy.
  • Personality development program.

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