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  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • The invention of number zero revolutionized our lives completely. This Fact is sufficient to prove the importance of mathematics inn our lives. And that is why numerical ability is very important for success in any competitive exam. It forms the most scoring as well as maximum time consuming section of the exam.
    In order to obtain mastery in numerical ability it is important to understand the theory of a subject and solve the questions based on them.

    Do not take any help of options once you start solving. This will help you to improve th3 accuracy and minimize the possibility of errors.

    This course includes all the chapters based on numerical ability asked in different competitive exams. All the chapters contain theory in the beginning and then its related formula’s. Example will be provided in the course clearly explains how to solve the questions. To understand the pattern of questions asked in the different competitive exams.

  • Reasoning
  • All living creatures have four things in common. i.e. sleep, food, fear and reproduction. But human beings are given an extra thing i.e. reasoning which makes them different from others. This gift of reasoning is the biggest blessing of God conferred on man. Due to power of reasoning we can see the world in different of God conferred on man. Due to power of reasoning we can see the world in different light and can enjoy its beauty and boons. All our progress in all the fields is due to this reasoning ability of ours. Due to reasoning we are able to understand the cause behind different Phenomena. And we are able to visualize the cause and effect relationship in things. Reasoning helps us to experiment, observe and infer. Thus enables for developing our brains. It is our duty to maintain the grace the glow of such a precious gift. The more it is used, the more it gets brightened. And that is why it makes a vital part of competitive exams. Superficially, reasoning ability appears to be beyond understanding but with little efforts it can be understood perfectly. Once you start understanding then it becomes very interesting.

    Our Courses on the subject convers all the chapters of reasoning which are asked in competitive exams. Every lecture contains its theory in the beginning and it includes different types of questions with explanations using examples. The language of the course is very simple. Every answer to question will be explained thoroughly.

  • General English
  • This Course will provide you consist of tools that allow you to learn and develop English for competitive exams. The structure of the course will stimulate, active and accelerate your learning process. The objective is to familiarize you with different types of questions which come in various competitive exams.
    The course has four sections. In the first section Grammar is explained in a high degree with lots of exercises. The second section will develop your vocabulary and various exercises that will help in building vocabulary.

    The third section consists of Reading Comprehension. This will guide the students on how to read effectively and understand the logic of questioning. And last but not the least, fourth section is on Verbal Ability which has questions on Sentence Improvement, Missing links, Jumbled Paragraphs and spotting Errors. This Course equips students with basic knowledge and practice for success in most of the competitive exams.

    “You are never given a dream without being given the power to accomplish it”

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